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8 March
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Created by bart666

40k, and one, anime, aslan faction, assemblage 23, atari, baldur's gate, being an agony uncle, bio mechanics, bod mods, body oils, boobs, boots, bottom, brasseye, camwhoring, cartoons, cds, checkers, cheese, cheese strings, chess, chinese food, chocolate, chokers, clubs, coke, collars, combichrist, comedy, computers, converter, covenant, cuddly toys, cyber, cyber fiction, dancing, darkwave, dogs, doom, dreamcast, dulce liquido, electro, electrotribe, euphoria, explosives, fallout, fear factory, fetish, fiction, final fantasy, food, friendlies, funker vogt, gamecube, games, giraffes, glasses, glow sticks, goa, guns, h.r.giger, handcuffs, happy hardcore, hard house, hentai, history, hocico, horror, ice cream, ice cubes, icon of coil, industrial, infected mushroom, intelligence, internet, james herbert, japan, law, laziness, licking, literature, massages, massaging, material possesions, mental masturbation, metal, mexican food, money, monty python, morbidity, music, my doggy, nes, neurofen, new rocks, nice smelling things, nin, noisex, noize, oral sex, p.a.l, pc, pizza, porn, pretty people, pretty things, pride and fall, prodigy, ps2, psy trance, psychadelia, psychology, pvc, rammstein, ravelights, red dwarf, retro gaming, rpgs, sci fi, shackles, simpsons, skaven, snes, solitary experiments, suicide commando, sweeties, synthetic hair, synthetics, synthpop, techno, terry pratchett, tidy boys, trance, tv, txt msgs, tyranids, ultraviolence, uv, vnv nation, war, wargames, warhammer, wayans brothers films, weapons, xotox, young ones