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Hey! [Nov. 16th, 2005|12:06 am]
This rocks and needs to be made into a real track.

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Mmmm, time off is goooood. [Nov. 15th, 2005|11:27 pm]
[Dysfunction |refreshedrefreshed]
[Noize |Marilyn Manson - (s)AINT]

Had a bit of time off work this week and I can't believe how much my mood has improved, a little bit of rest goes a *long* way it seems.

Finally got work account sorted so I actually adhere to the Terms and Conditions of my contract and therefore eligible for payment. Which means I should most definitely have money for Camden on the 4th. Woo! XD I need new clothes.
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Indsutrial Revoloution! [Nov. 14th, 2005|10:16 am]
Well, Kate made us watch the Goth one, now watch this one. =D

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A footnote on females... [Nov. 10th, 2005|05:27 pm]
[Dysfunction |lovedloved]
[Noize |Kasabian - Cutt Off]

They are shit.

Except sadistic_fairy who rocks my (as I perceive it) world.

In other news I'm reading "Fabric of the Cosmos" by Brian Greene. Existential thought makes it all betetr. =D
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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2005|11:50 pm]
[Dysfunction |bitchybitchy]
[Noize |Fear Factory - Securiton 2000]




Really trying to put some effort in here, really want things to work but get no help fromt he other party whatsoever. Starting to get *really* pissed off now, is it that hard just to miss one thing with your friends? For the sake of actually trying something you said you wanted to happen?

Fuck it. Bed.

HATE feeling moany and depressing and pissed off. but needed a little vent before bed.


Oh and I expect an extra good Intelekt this month in order to eleviate my foul mood. =P
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Battle for the Ages. [Nov. 4th, 2005|08:26 pm]
Intelekt vs. Autonomy

Who's gonna win!? Cast your votes now please. =)
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Emotional Entropy [Oct. 26th, 2005|07:43 pm]
[Dysfunction |confusedconfused]
[Noize |Depeche Mode - Precious]

Today at work a slow dawning realisation crept over me. It made me quite a sad Joey. Kind of feel like I've wasted the past year or so chasing something that's never gonna happen. Granted it's mainly my own fault for things done wrong and certain factors made it unlikely to ever work but it still dosn't help the strange feeling of emptiness that gets left behind.

Gawd I sound melodramatic!

Strangely, I did find myself thinking of someone and smiling a bit earlier though.... =)

Life goes on, the world keeps turning and time heals.

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Geek Joy. [Oct. 22nd, 2005|11:29 pm]
[Dysfunction |impressedimpressed]
[Noize |Velvet Acid Christ - Slut]

I am happy. Tonight I recieved an email asking me to Beta test City of Villains, the sequel to the cool, if rather limited MMORPG, City of Heroes.

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I should get a "Brick in your face" alignment action. [Oct. 6th, 2005|10:41 pm]
[Dysfunction |amusedamused]
[Noize |Killswitch Engage - Element of One]

In other new I have spent today beheading bandits, punching small children, kicking chickens and making myself look evil as fuck.

Fable rocks.
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Yeah baybee. [Oct. 6th, 2005|10:34 pm]
[Dysfunction |amusedamused]
[Noize |Kid Rock - Devil Without a Cause]

I am listening to Kid Rock. I am cooler than you.

"Three foot nine with a ten foot dick" Joe-C pwned.
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